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About us

Lifetime of Memories

We are determined to make your day a memorable experience

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a Lumberjack is like? Well join us for a day in the woods to find out!

We will meet you at our woodland and introduce ourselves and complete relevant paper work. We will then get suited and booted with our safety equipment and of course the checkered shirt to complete the look.

From here we will jump into the 4 x4s for the bumpy ride down through the woodland to our training area.



A Fun Packed Day

The first part of the day will consist of chainsaw training from our highly experienced instructors before progressing onto some tree felling. All trees are extracted at a later date to use in our biomass boiler and replanted.

The second part of the day we will teach you how to axe throw, split firewood and tree climb using traditional forester techniques.

This is an action packed day from start to finish which will leave you with memories, a smile and a good insight into the life of a Lumberjack.


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